Semi trailer lightweight is in pursuit of higher transport efficiency. We can reduce weight of truck body to achieve the goal of increase driving speed, reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.


1、 To select the model of trailer is the premise 

Choose a right model is the basis of lightweight, different kinds of the models, its weight are very different. For example, transport heavy and long distance way coal or iron powder, we would like to choose stake semi-trailer generally, instead of dump semi-trailer or gooseneck type semi-trailer, because they are heavier than stake semi trailerReduce the length of the trailer appropriately also is effectively. Regular trailers are 13 meters lengthbut as reducing per meter of the production, it can cut down about 250kg! But you also need to notice the height of goods loading , to avoid the risk of rollover of high center of gravityespecially in bad road conditions.

semi trailer

2.  Reduce the weight of trailers from each part

After you had choose one model of trailer, you should consider about the each part of the trailer.

1)Beam: use the high-strength steel

Main beam is the most important part of semi-trailer, the quality of trailer mainly depends on the beam. Use good material can reduce the weight of the trailer and it also can ensure the loading capacity. According to the actual practice, using high-strength steel beam can cut down the weight of each trailer about 1 ton .


2) Suspension: less leaf spring or use air suspension

Using lightweight leaf spring also can cut down the weight, such as use 4 pieces one sets leaf spring of the skate semi-trailer will lighter 100kg than ordinary leaf spring. It can be reduced about 500 kg obviously if you using the air suspension , but the price of air suspension is more expensive.The lowest price of a 3 axle semi trailer will be 28000RMB if you all the suspension are using the air suspension. And you also need to know that the brand also will make some influence for the price.


(3) Tires: Vacuum tires, ultra-wide vacuum tires

The tubeless tire are better than the tube tire in weight reduction and the Thermal DissipationAccording to professional research, instead of 12 sets 11.00R20 ordinary steel tires, 12 sets 12R22.5 vacuum tire can reduce about 240kg


(4) Wheel rim: aluminum alloy wheel rim

Ordinary steel wheel rim generally is about 50kg, but aluminum alloy wheel rim is 25kg or so, is half weight of steel wheel rim. So using vacuum tires and aluminum alloy wheel rim will be more effective.


Optimize the structure of the trailers, can also reduce body weightsuch as the design of the stake trailer wall side, increase distance between the railings, or using canvas block at two sides instead of steel van etc.


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